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Driver Fitting

Drive for show? The most loved and hated club in the bag. How long and straight can you hit your driver? Get fitted properly and we can help you hit it longer and straighter! We carry the latest premium golf components to get you to start your round off with a BANG! Using our TrackMan ball flight monitor, we can precisely measure your launch and spin data to optimize your Driver for you.


1.5 hours

Full Bag Fitting - Driver to Putter

Best bang for the buck! We recommend splitting this fitting into two sessions. We begin with your irons and work our way out to wedges then back up to hybrids then driver then to fairways. Typically, your fairway woods and hybrids are gapping clubs and we will fill in as needed.


3 hours

Iron Fitting

Precision and control is the name of the game. Being able to hit your driver long and straight is great but if you can't hit a green, your dreams of a great score are short lived. Shaft length, weight, and flex, head lofts and lies and swing-weight are among the many specifications of your clubs that we will be testing in this fitting. Imagine what your game would be with your foursome, knowing you can stiff a 6-iron to 178yds every single time.


1.5 hours

Long Game Fitting - Driver and Fairway woods

Some of you already love your irons and wedges but really need help with woods and hybrids. Here, it is important to get your Launch and Spin numbers dialed.


2 hours

Putter Fitting

Putt for dough. The most important club in the bag. You use this on every hole. Our process will get you rolling on line every time. By selecting a putter with the proper toe hang, loft, lie, offset, weight, shaft and grip size, you can have confidence that your putter is set up to help you sink more putts.


1 hour

Wedge fitting

Your wedges are you SCORING clubs- Make sure you know your correct gapping to match your irons. Having the correct bounce will help you hit crisp chips and pitches. Are you a Digger? A Sweeper? If you do not know which one you are, let us show you which Grind you will need.


1 hour

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